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Professional Voice Coach

Be Heard provides coaching to help clients become truly effective public speakers. Be Heard works on a one-to-one basis and in groups. As well as voice coaching, Be Heard assists speakers in preparing effective and authentic content. Be Heard continue to work with actors in theatre and film.

About Milly Ellis

After Milly graduated from York with a BA Hons in English and Related Literature she worked in theatre and made experimental films at the Slade School of Art.

It was the film, QAF, directed by, Jamil Dehlavi, one of the first to be shown on the then new C4 that launched her career, as it was seen by acclaimed director Peter Greenaway who invited her to join him on his film ‘A Zed and Two Noughts’.  More about Milly >​​​​​​​

What you will gain from voice coaching

How it works

Who is voice coaching for?

The natural voice is transparent as it reveals not describes, inner impulses of emotion and thought, directly and spontaneously. The person is heard, not the person's voice.

To free the voice is to free the person and each person is indivisibly mind and body.  The natural voice is most perceptibly blocked by physical tension, emotional blocks and psychological blocks. Be Heard will help you fulful your potential. 

All those who are engaged in training, coaching, leading, managing, acting, consulting.

All those who wish to be more confident and effective communicators.

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“Milly is truly inspirational and motivational. She achieves this through building both skills and confidence, sharing her knowledge in a clear and kind manner to improve technique, while helping her charges overcome mental barriers that can undermine performance. She’s been invaluable to me and my leadership team in improving performance and underpinning our presentation abilities and presence with far greater assurance and expertise.”

Jackie O'Leary  Chief Customer Office - EE - merged Orange & T-Mobile group

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"Milly is the most extraordinary speech coach. She has taken me from a gulping, sweaty, pinked cheeked, bumbling fool to being signed up by Independent Talent as a professional speaker. Although I remain a fool.  Milly really is the gold standard – I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Kate Reardon  Editor – The Tatler

Adventurer Olly had great stories to tell but, in a competitive market, knew that his delivery was not as great as the adventures that he had survived.

Tom Keynon-Slaney, founder of the London Speakers Bureau, put Olly in touch with Be Heard. Milly worked with Olly over several sessions focusing on pace, projection, intonation, energy and stage craft. Olly is now a highly rated motivational speaker on both the corporate and educational circuit. 

Olly Hicks  Adventurer

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Elizabeth Court – Director of Private Wealth Network, said:

“Zoe it was an absolute pleasure and honour to introduce you at our annual congress, you did an amazing job in delivering a powerful story that was brave, sad, happy and funny and very moving. Thank you for allowing us to hear about your vulnerabilities as it enabled us all to think about our own and how we can address them. Overall it was a personal journey that I think was the stand out of the conference and our members' feedback can attest to that….  You also addressed our theme ‘finding your place in the world’ with precision and it was obvious that a lot of thought had gone into your presentation and through finding your place in the world and the wisdom you have gained in doing so, you have become an amazing advocate for those who would otherwise have no voice in helping them preserve their cultures and environments. Extremely well put together presentation, both verbally and in delivery!”

Zoe Tyron  CEO, 'One For The Tribe'

Founded in 1715, Hunters are probably not the solicitors to go to if you want your divorce splashed over the front page of the Daily Mail. Henry Hood, the highly respected partner in the Family Department believes that, in most cases, a negotiated solution is possible, with the huge advantages this has for the separating couple and their children. Invited to share a podium at an important legal conference with a panel that included two judges, and a celebrated QC, and in front of an audience filled with his peers, Henry wanted to be at his very best. Four sessions with Milly and Pip ensured that Henry came across with gravitas and authority.

Henry Hook  Solicitor

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How to get your message across clearly and succinctly.

How to appeal to the audience's interests.

How to be more persuasive.

And how to achieve personal and professional success.

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